Where are the house of Israel today?

Do Great Britain and USA have thier root in the house of Israel?.

 Here, 'donation' means what I give away freely and not what I get from you. These are my personal, real, secret diary ... is only for me to read. But somehow  I feel compelled to share these experiences with you, so here's my online diary. My online diary includes events of the supernatural that I personally experienced each day. When I say supernatural I mean they are not your normal everyday experiences.These are dreams, visions, and revelations.They are not weired or scary in any way. Though they are not natural to the ordinary man I believe that you would find them to be very helpful and fun.


Out of every dream or vision comes a revelation or more that breaks down the principles of the Kingdom of God and the Christian lifestyle (and how to access the power to get all benefits that pertain to this life and Godliness) into a refreshing understanding of the Scriptures not known by many. Enjoy.


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Sunday,23 July 2017
Desperate Roars of the Lions

Sunday 23rd July 2017 about 1.30A.M. I was studying the word of God and I heard loud intense shouts of noise coming from outside the Red Lion pub across the road from me.

My first reaction was anger because I wanted to concentrate on my studies. They shouted as if they were at war, like war cries, or shouts just before launching an attack against the enemy in the battle front.

You could tell they were young men under the power of the spirit of alcohol. They sounded like in their mid-to-late twenties and their shouts were like the roar of lions.

But just as I complained about the noise something liberating and wonderful took over my mind. Peace came over me and I began to see something quite incredible. I heard someone said to me, 'imagine what will happen if they were filled with Holy Spirit and not alcohol'. Then the vision followed.

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Tuesday, 26 July 2017
Why Should Jesus Die on the Cross for Me?  

OK. Why should you kill a cattle or lamb or sheep or goat because you’re hungry? Just to quench your hunger the cattel has to die because if you don’t eat the flesh you will die, right.

But what has it got to do with the innocent cattle. Why should it die for your hunger?

If you break the law of your country or any other country or kingdom of the world you are judged and if found guilty you are punished by the judge of the court of that nation. It could be drugs offence, theft, assault, murder, rape or perjury. Each carries a sentence for x number of years  dependent upon the severity of the crime.

God who is the Creator of heaven and earth and all things within has laws, rules and statues that are laid out for righteousness and justice in the Kingdom of God.

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Friday, 18 August 2017

I Am Already Dead to my Flesh!
What can the  Devil do to me? Absolutely Nothing!!

I am Already Dead to My Flesh!

(All of a sudden I received a revealed word of God which we called "the word you know")

It is 4.00 AM the 18th of August 2017, and I am on my knees before the Lord calling His Name, extolling Him with thanksgivings and praises lifting up His Name bowing my heart and worshipping the King and giving Him all the Glory and Honouring Him in a non-stop persistent praise.

All of a sudden I received a revealed word of God, which we called "the word you know" not the word you heard or the word you read from the Bible. There is difference.The Holy Scriptures say the secret things belong unto the Lord our God, but those things which are revealed belong to us (man)... (Deut. 29:29, Job 11:7, Prov. 25:2, Psalms 115:16).
I have heard and studied about 'dying to the flesh and being crucified with Jesus so I can live His life in the spirit'. But this morning the scripture was actually reveaked to me to make it my own ... no more a secret thing that belongs to God. It was givien to me by God, today the Friday 18th of August 2017. It was a liberating experience ...

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                    The Miracles Zone:                         In The Presence of the LORD Miracles are Birthed

Miracle on the Highway as Motorists are Stopped by Armed Robbers and forced to drink a Glass of Acid. There was a Pastor in the queu.

(This testimony was written from a man of God while he was speaking word by word ... verbatim)

(Courtesy of


Armed robbers blocked the highway/motorway in the middle of the night, robbing people and stealing from them. They would ask you to get out of car and then give you a glass of acid to drink.

You drink the acid and you die and they carry out your car, your belongings and everything you got.


There was a Pastor whom they stopped who was going for an All-night service to preach in the church. He was in the line up in the queu with the others. When it got to his turn they also gave him a glass of acid to drink.


He lifted up the glass of acid in prayers to God and said; “God I thank you that today you have given me another glass of water” and drank it ...


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Miracle on an Airplane Flying with One Engine With a Man of God on Board

(Written while the man of God was giving his testimony word by word ... verbatim.)
(Courtesy of 


Story coming up soon ....

Miracle with a Man Swallowed Up in a quicksand in a lonely out of town lane. 

A man nearly died in a quicksand in a lonely lane  off the main road. Full story coming up soon ...

(Courtesy of Napoleon Hill's "Success through Positive Thinking")


Coming up soon ...

Miracle of the   Little Girl and Infant Baby saved By Jesus Buried in the Ground

A Muslim man in Egypt killed his wife because she was reading the Bible and then buried her with their infant baby and an 8-year old daughter. The girls were buried alive! He then reported to the police that an uncle killed the kids.

15 days later, another family member died. When they went to bury him, ...


(Story Courtesy of e@b missions)

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My Top Diary Articles

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Trail of the Serpent

                                                                            10.30 AM, Friday, the 16th of October, 2009,

                                                                     Photo: Courtesy of Colorado National Monument

This is one of the revelations that I thought was meant only for my ears and eyes until the Holy Spirit indicated that it has to be shared with all sons of God. Its almost 28 years now when it was first opened up to me. It is as powerful a revelation today as it was then when it was first mentioned to me. So here it is, enjoy. 


Adam was the son of God, created in the image of God the Father. He came from the class of God that is God made an image of Himself to be a god on earth, to populate, dominate and rule over everything on planet earth.


After creating everything for Adam He gave him POWER to command and direct and look down upon everything that was on earth, EVERYTHING, WHETHER IT HAS A NAME OR NOT, WAS GIVEN TO BE SUBJECT UNTO ADAM ...There was nothing that was created on planet earth that was not subject unto Adam.


Then the Holy Spirit began to explain that Satan’s nightmare is that if the children of God came to know this truth and realized who they are ... sons of God, just  like the original Adam before the fall (that which Jesus Christ came to portray to us on earth), and then if we not just believe it BUT KNOW IT and start to utilize this power on earth, then Satan’s kingdom of darkness will collapse, it would be over. That is the devil's greatest fear...


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The Elijah Rain

                                                                                                     Thursday, 10th Novemb  2009

As I woke from bed about 5 AM, these words were firing up in my spirit and I knew I got to write them down. What's it? It is about a no nonsense Elijah style of ministry ... I entitled it the "The Elijah Rain"


Rehoboth Communications is a new Christian resource centre strictly for the promotion of the Saviour Jesus Christ and the Cross  and to take the message of warnings to the nations of the house of Israel through any media ministry anointed programming with our Holy Spirit inspired Bible based messages.


You will also find some very hard–hitting Bible based written articles inspired by the Holy Spirit to wake up slumbering Christians to the awareness of the times that we live in.


Some of these articles are very straight forward, hard-hitting, uncompromising and very direct ... crying out against hypocrisy, lethargy, worldliness, apostasy, spiritual adultery of unholy alliances with New Age and inter-faith proselytes. Some would be offended by our articles (which we very much regret), we don’t intend to offend, show off or be nasty to anyone or groups or take sides with any group.


Talk about star preachers, pastors, evangelists and prophets, Hollywood standard; looking at all these is mind boggling to say the least. Are we maintaining the same standard of hard work and righteousness, love and the fear of God and the demonstration of sign and wonders in our ministries that Peter, John, Paul , Philip and the early Apostles lived by, or the standard has been lowered so we can let in every ...


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End of Story, Case Closed!

                                                                                                            Thursday, 10TH December 2009

This is the first in my diary articles where I have involved myself in an intellectually academic discussion. I feel encouraged by the Holy Spirit to write this as my contribution to the debate out there. This is written with a prophetic edge to it, but  I don't think the so called intellectuals will look this way let alone pay any attention to this though. But the good news is that it is not written for them.

He that has ears let him hear wisdom.


End of Story, Case Closed


The controversies over where to place the Book of Daniel in Biblical history are all man-made impositions and are due to man's continual ambivalence, sluggishness and retarding behaviour towards anything spiritual, man's usual ineptitude to comprehend enough to annexing spiritual inheritance, even if it were thrown at him in his face.


We wouldn’t be debating about this at all if we understood scriptures not from the standpoint of man’s perspective but from God’s. We stall in our thinking and understanding because we always fail to look at the big picture, we’re too concerned with the nitty gritty and in the process miss the whole point, the core message.


We asked questions like who is Darius the Mede (in Dan 11:1) instead who is Gabriel and Prince Michael and what are their purposes, why come down to a mere man in such a critical time in history? If you ask the right questions then you are given the right answer so you don’t get stuck in digging for the right answer with the wrong question ...


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Recent Additions

Why Become A Disciple of Christ?

As a baby you must first learn to walk then learn to run. You cannot do the first last or last first. It does not work that way. That’s the natural law. How many of you know that if the baby tries to run first before learning to walk that he will get no where? He will fall on his face and probably hurt himself ...

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If We are the Bride of Christ Why...?

If we're the Bride of Christ why the issues with poverty and lack and living in misery and ravaged by disease and sickness and infirmities, with no power at all but repeated attacks from the camp of the forces of the enemy?


For answers click here ..

Why Intercede for the house of Israel and the nations?

In the book of (Ezekiel 22:30) the Lord is looking for anyone out  there who would stand in the gap as it were, to do something, to act, to intercede on behalf of the nation.


To continue click here

“To Comfort All Who Mourn”

Did you know that if you are in bondage to whatsoever, that the Lord Jesus is determined to free you?


Did you know that He can't wait for you to ask Him into your life so He can set you free from your bondage?


To continue click here

We make every effort to provide our visitors with the best information and the highest quality Spirit-filled materials online.

Maturity! Having Exercised Our Senses! To Discern what is Good from what is Evil!

Our solid reliance  and faith in Jehovah El Shaddai alone answers all the questions, Where do we get the power or authority to do or say these things? We draw the anointing that breaks the yoke from El Shaddai to do all these things that you see.


1)  We disciple nations, We start from the top, from the strongman. That's the king, the Prime Minister or President of the Executive branch of government of that nation. Then we move onto the Legistlative branch of the government, then onto  the Judicial branch. The next targets are the Regional Local Authorities, the Constitution, the Media, Cities and towns and peoples within the cummunities and before you know it the whole nation is on its knees under the power of the Holy Spirit and fire, and the devil cannot do anything about it. He must let the people go to worship their God and Father, the only True Living God.


2) We ran the devil out of that nation with Higher Praise and Radical Discipleships.


3) We ask the Lord to establish the Kingdom of God here on earth and His will be done here on earth as it is in heaven so we can live the days of  heaven here on earth.


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