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              ______________________                                                                                 Move from just another Convert to a Disciple of Jesus ... there's difference.

"If ye abide in Me and My words  abide in you then you should ask anything you will and it shall be done unto you . Herein is My Father glorified, that ye bear much fruit, and you shall be my disciple"


Since discipleship investment is a matter of trust, our principle is to work hard in partnership with the would-be disciples. We see ourselves as your spiritual partner, someone who has developed and implemented a personalized and integrated Bible-based concept and discipline that exactly builds and forms the character and nature of  Jesus Christ in you, fully matured and armed with the whole armour of God ready for action.

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The Discipleship Course

We strongly recommend that those who wish to join this campaign must first apply themselves to the discipleship course so we can all believe in one teaching and one message in order to come into full unity in the spirit just as all 12 disciples heard one teaching and one message from our Lord Jesus and had unity in spirit.


Once you have gone through this discipleship course you will never be the same I promise you, that's if you take it with a determination to learn and not  to argue or find fault with it as some do.


The man (Pastor Steve Foss), who put the course to gether, was commissioned by God. He put many hours in it but its still free, all 48 lessons of it, and is being taught in over 150 countries with great results of change in the lives of many Christians worldwide.


Some countries have the whole congregation taking the course and after completion would go and disciple others and the others also disciple others .I believe that's how we will fulfil the great commission to disciple the nations.


I recommend going to his website and either download all 48 lessons and study them, or study them online on his website. To have a better grasp and result of the concept and discipline don't put too much gaps between  lessons, it must be continues.


When I realized that I was only just another convert and not a disciple (there's a big difference) I devoured the lessions with such aggression that I rarely see myself display in any study.  It took me three and half days to consume all 48 lessons, talk about the Kingdom of God suffreth violence and the violence taketh it by force; that's what is all about.


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Watch this space. More Holy Spirit firry materials will be added soon.



This web presence is not about us actually; it's all about Jesus Christ, the Son of the Most High God. Besides Jesus nothing else matters, and apart from from Him we can do nothing. Everything ... religion, culture, perception, conception and ideology, psychology, philosophy, sociology, and all the other ... logies ..., and faiths, principalities and powers and all that are and will ever be, that which is now, and that which will come ... are all vanities, and less than nothing ... all are but creations of man that are fading away very quickly.


Our articles on this website are focused mainly on the youths but the adult readers will find them just as helpful; they are written in the simplest form we know how to, so that even the five year old might understand and yield to the transforming power of the Holy Spirit.


You will find that some of these articles are the unabridged versions of conversations and not writings in the normal sense. These are writings of a conversation between two people so I would hope that it would be seen as such and nothing more. Visit the articles page here


To find out about what we actually do in this campaign click here

While some experienced Christian readers might find our expressions and writing philosophy extremely simple, with no sophistication at all, keep in mind that the intention of this web presence is not to be politically correct on any spectrum of issues of the debates out there, or to take sides with or against any particular group(s) of religious people.

Our determination is to reach a global audience of people who come to our website with hearts like little children not to learn of new Christian trends or the buzz words that are out there but to hear about Jesus Christ crucified and the power of His resurrection and the dead in sin shaken from their graves and raised up to live for Jesus Christ.                            

Its not about us but about Jesus

Well, we are just a bunch of unique children of God who are crazy for the Lord Jesus Christ because He is awesome, He is the only King that we know of, whether in the heavens above or this earth, who left His throne and His Kingdom in Heaven, was fashioned into flesh & blood, came down to earth as a man, like one of us, to suffer and to lay down His life for our sins that we may not die but live and to have life more abundantly.

No other king has ever done this for his people or subjects but Jesus did it for us. He is AWESOME! Yes it sounds simple, but that is the point we are making, here is the Almighty One, All Powerful God before whom the mighty and powerful Angels and Cherubim bow and tremble, yet He chose to come down to earth and took the form of bond servant and became like one of us, as a mere man (a Son of man). That's why we must humble ourselves and come before Him as little children, this is the only way we can see the truth and believe in it otherwise our intellects will get in the way.

Anyway, we are here because the Lord Jesus commissioned us to set up this website to promote at a deeper level the revealed principles of the Kingdom of God to the Body of Christ. And to take His message to warn the house of Israel. If this sounds too good to be true to you, then you need to consult with Holy Spirit immediately.

The Lord will not return unless the Great Commission is fulfilled and accomplished by us but we need to know the principles and laid down laws that run the Kingdom of God

Brethren, believe it or not, God will not force us to come under His rulership in His kingdom, He has left the whole business in the hands of born again Holy Spirit filled believers to co-operate with the Holy Spirit, even the time frame for the coming of Jesus Christ.

If we complete the Great Commission in 5 years time, Jesus Christ will return, if we can do it in 15 years He will appear after that, if it took another 100 years to get it done Jesus would show up. You see, the time table is in our hands on how much desperate we're to see the return of our Lord Jesus to establish the tangible Kingdom of God for us here on earth. If you're in disagreement with this ...I urge you to read your Bible about Simeon and Anna the prophetess, how they dedicated their lives to God seeking His face day and night to see the consolation of Israel  So much that the Holy Ghost promised they should not see death till they see the coming of the Saviour Jesus Christ.

 Presently, all born again believers should have the Kingdom of God on the inside of us, but when Jesus returns He will establish a tangible Kingdom of God that will take over these other world systems and restore life to the way it was in the Garden of Eden. AMEN.


The whole business about the Garden of Eden ...

The whole business about the Garden of Eden and the end of the world and everything in-between are all about Jesus. He is the embodiment of our universe, the world and everything within it is for His footstool. His hugeness encompasses our world; He is the perimeter and the circumference of this planet.

This world was built and given to Him by His Father and our Father as the First born of many brethren. The Father built everything in our universe from within the body of the Son and it pleased the Father to put everything into the hand of the Son. And He gave it unto the Son to have authority over all that pertains to salvation in His creation (John 3:35), to rule it with His bride and populate it as it fit. Amen.

Jesus, it's all about You, we love You, we're all in love with You, Jesus we're desperately in love with You, we don't care what the others say about us, if they think we're too emotional now, let them wait and see, they haven't seen anything yet, that day at the breaking forth of the dawn. ... For the Lord Himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God ... (when the heaven opens up for the entrance of the Son of God) ... who comes with ten thousands of His saints ... to establish the dawn of the reign of the Kings of kings, yes, let them wait and see us then.

For we shall stop traffic, we shall dance and sing in the streets, we shall shout from the mountain top, they shall hear the cry and shouts of triumph from the oceans, there will be shakings, the clouds in the heavens will the Lord walk over under His feet as the dust and the earth shall bow low at your feet and your enemies shall stumble before thee oh Lord as one that walks in darkness.

Lord Jesus, You know our hearts more than any other human on planet earth, you know that we're not sanctimonious as some may claim, we also know who we were and who we are now, we were once hardened sinners and criminals, hard men whom your love found us and picked us up from the gutters and brushed us clean to become good enough to be added and displayed among your precious vessels in the house of the Lord. You changed our hearts O Lord, from our careless and lawless lifestyles, from hardened criminals, murderers, thieves, wayward individuals, bigotry, but you gave us hearts like little children so we would look up to You with childlike faith and awe at Your Greatness. O Lord you have turned us to come before You as little children in your kingdom for you said ... except ye convert and be as little children ye shall no wise enter into the kingdom of God.

Lord let every visitor to this website which You commissioned us to setup, not come just to criticize because of the unpopular stance we have taken to stand by Your unadulterated Word, but meet them Lord at a place in their hearts with your anointing over them to open up the eyes of their understanding that they may fall in line with your precious Word no matter what spectrum of the issue of the debate or the equation they might have sprung out from. Thank you Lord for hearing our prayers, in your name Jesus we pray. Amen


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