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We are going to be discussing two main important topics in the Holy Scriptures;

1) Jesus has a Church, the Bible calls the Church the Bride of Christ. We are the Bride of Christ. The Bible calls the Bride of Christ the Body of Christ. Why does Jesus need a body? What is the purpose? Are all members in the Church Bride of Christ? Who are the remnants?


NB:  You must have a practical working knowledge and understanding of this topic above before moving on to the next topic.


2) The second topic of discussion is about Great Britain and the house of Israel. Great Britain was the largest empire on planet earth in 1763 after the 7 years war. But Great Britain not only lost its greatness and the empire but also lost the single most significant blessing of all upon him ... the anointing to propergate the Gospel of Jesus and to be a praise and a beacon to the world through whom God is to be glorified. 


Why are we talking about Great Britain? Is the country not finished, down and out? Are Great Britain and USA mentioned in the Holy Scriptures? How does God address Great Britain and USA in the Scriptures?.


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If we are the Bride of Christ ...

What does the Scriptures say ...

The scriptures say we are members of His body. We are bones of His bones and flesh of His flesh. We the Body of Christ and Jesus are one. As a man has one head and one body so is our Lord Jesus Christ. He is the head and we are His body. We are one unit. Yes one unit in the spirit. That was the whole purpose of Jesus coming to earth … for to be a sacrificial Lamb of God to save His bride and take her away with Him before the great day of judgment of the world.


Yes Jesus came to the earth to save His bride the body of Christ. He died that through Him the world might be save but He didn’t come to save everybody. If you don’t believe me just go down the street and start preaching about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and see how some would react to this harmless peaceful message. It is not for them so they react what comes naturally to them … they will reject it.


But any reasonable open minded person out there in the street will identify with the Gospel no matter what race and social status, family background or city of the nation they come from.

Are you energized for Patriotic duty today? Are you willing to play your part in the Kingdom of God? If yes, then will you help your country. Great Britain, to rise up and position herself as before, as the Beacon of Hope in Jesus for the nations; and let her righteousness thereof go forth as brightness and her salvation thereof as a lamp that burneth? 


You Can Be Part Of This Army Of Believers If You want!

This campaign is for those who can go the distance, who can take ridicules, mockery, verbal abuses, laughed at and made fun of.

Are these something you can take on the chin and not look back but continue the fight to raise Great Britain up to her former glories, the country that you love so much?


We are not trumpeting a struggle for national front. This is got nothing to do with fighting a physical battle either. Is not a boot camp, an adventure or a platform for exercising your right. But this has got all to do with SPIRITUAL WARFARE against the unknown and known enemies of Great Britain. Confused? Not to worry everything will be explained when we meet.


This campaign is sacrifice based ... that is before you can be part of it you must first ask yourself these important questions. The questions are not what can this campaign give me, or what can Great Britain do for me, or what can the rich give me. Rather the questions you should be asking yourself are, what can I do for Great Britain, how can I help this campaign to succeed and how can I help my fellow Brit to stand up for his/her country they love.


If you can answer these questions correctly that makes the difference between whether you're coming from lion country or donkey country. By the way we're looking for lions and young lions only.

What are we... fanatics? Vigilantes? Militants? Scaremongers? Racists? National front? Anarchists? Fan club? Religious sect? Good news is ... we're none of the above. What are we then? We are simply 21st century born again missionaries unique to a specific calling. And that is taking an infallible message to the four corners of Great Britain (leader of the house of Israel) to remind the people of who they are ... a God chosen people born to be GREAT, but lost it, yet its not too late we can rise up again, yes we can recover all.


Great Britain grew to become the largest empire on planet earth in all history after the 7 Years war in 1763. Why then has she become only a shadow of herself today, to the extent that other nations ... even 'lesser' nations are mocking and knocking her down daily. Can you feel the anger rising up on the inside of you, the rage, do you feel like shouting? Perhaps to scream ... rise up Great Britain ... rise up! I am talking about a positive anger here, not a negative anger which is self-destructive. A positive anger will stir up constructive resolve in you to use wisdom to find solution to a problem. How do you feel now? Do you feel like you want to help put Great Britain back into world leadership? Do something Now. Come on board.

The truth about the matter is the Living God of Israel has not abandoned Great Britain as some have insisted. it was Great Britain who rebelled against God and left Him to do his own thing over the years. But like the prodigal son in [Luke 15:11-32], if Great Britain repents and returns to his Father, the only True God, He will welcome him and raise him up again.


The 12 shall have a burden and the burden is to prove to Great Britain (leader of the house of Israel) that he's fallen from that greatness he once had, he messed it up big time (because of his transgressions against God). I reckon, that will be easy to do. But the real challenge is to convince Great Britain to repent from his idolatory and transgressions against God and turn back to God his Father.


If you think you can take on this challenge then come on board, you're most welcome to be one of the Twelve. What is the immediate task? Prayers! You will be encouraged to pray prophetically. You might not know how to, so you will be taught how to.


You might ask ... what do I gain from this campaign? Delegated Power and personal revival amongst others. No more ignorance about the whole truth. All will be revealed when we meet.
Oh so you're not convinced that Great Britain was ordained by God to be Great? We got numerous proofs in the Holy Scriptures and in the history of Great Britain. We will make them available to you ... just ask by contacting us either via email or phone. Contact Us today.

Is there More Fire in the USA Than Great Britain? Fire, Meaning Holy Spirit Fire. 

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          Who are the 'lost' ten tribes of the house of Israel? 

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Go easy on the more advanced topics, they're there for the fully grown and  matured Christians.If its too hard to chew on just move on to something more   comprehending to you or you can go to the forum to post your questions and reply to others.

About Us

This is actually about my Teacher and I. Anything I do know I owe it to Him. Who am I talking about? The Holy Spirit of course. No one teaches  like the Holy Spirit. Glory be to God.

There are  those I call the army, the guys who get into the trench in the battle front interceding on behalf of nations... thats the real who we are.These guys are tough, defiant and battle-hardened  against all weapons of the devil out there and are fully loaded with their AKA47 and ready to shoot down any devil that moves.

About This Campaign

I have left this for far too long. It was one fine Saturday when the Holy Spirt opened my eyes to these daring revelations. I feel obliged to share them that's why they're here and your're reading them.

We're sent to take the message of warning from God to the house of Israel but to Body of Christ the message of exhortation to look to the coming of Christ. 

Beware, some of the topics are very advanced and are for the mature and experienced  believers only.

What We Do

The Holy Spirit reveals these things to me and I write them down to share with the Body of Christ. As simple as that no complications at all.

On what we do on the ground, we intercede on behalf of nations, the house of Israel in particular. At the moment we're calling on Jesus to release Holy Spirit revival fire on Great Britain.


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